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(Online payment of Property Tax,Water Charge, Prof. Tax, Non Tax ,Birth & Death Certificate download, Building Plan Approval, Trade License)


The Arakkonam Municipality was constituted as 3rd Grade Municipality on 01.10.1958, it was upgraded as 2nd grade municipality on 1.5.74 and now it is a 1st grade municipality from 17.4.1984...  more

   Get your birth and death certificates at Municipal facilitation Counter

    Pay your property tax,water charges,professional tax,non tax at facilitation counter/collection centers/authorised banks

  Get proper building plan



E-Governance at Arakkonam Municipality is aimed to provide on-online citizen services, information to all hierarchies and monitor the performances. It is in practice that citizens are approaching the respective Urban Local Bodies to pay their revenues, get certificates, approvals for construction of Building and run a business etc... more

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