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Colachel - One of the  Historical  Town  in  Kanyakumari  District  of  South  TamilNadu.  This Municipality was established in the earst while Travancore - Cochin Government during 1920 as  III grade  and later it  was upgraded as  II grade on 22.8.98  as per G.O.MS.No. 85 (MAWS Department ) and also  upgraded  as  First Grade  on  02.12.08  as  per   G.O.(Ms).No.238 (MAWS (Election) Department).   This is  the  place  where the  war between  the   Travancore Administration and Dutch Country occurred in theh month of July 1714.   The war  memorial at Colachel  deplicts the said happenings.  The  Harbour in the  town is situated  at  the Coast of Arabian Sea which is a natural one. Now the Government proposed to form the port at Colachel. more....

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